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released May 23, 2005



all rights reserved


Guns Up! Massachusetts

We're going to Europe this Summer (2015)!

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Track Name: Outlive
Sitting here, im wondering why
Nothings getting better with the passing of time.
the worlds is spinning, it's all going to end.
And there's no running from the troubles were dealt.

hating life, standing by
only to realize i passed on time
and where i'm looking, no one could ever find

but everyones writing line after line;
"you live and you die, i think im losing my mind.
slowly but surely im losing control."

I guess these are times where you learn to live
i know these are times when you have to outlive.
Track Name: You Break
You break, you try to keep it cool
to hold it inside
then it all comes out
when you're blowing your mind
i'm taking my time
is this for me?
too many questions
am i for real?

you break, you try to hold it down
and keep it inside
so everyone else stops asking why
Track Name: Won't Change for Me
time won't change for me
it's healing nothing
and im learning to live with that
luck has no time for me
but im losing nothing-
nothing there to lessen what ive gained

nothing, nothing can take it back
take it to another place
when time had no attack

i wont change for time
ive healed myself
wont give it credit;
no thanks to you
you wont get through on me
and im making this clear
Track Name: Life's Ill
looks like you've tried and gotten somewhere
and you think you, think you know the difference
but now is see that wasted breath is just a waste of time
and the names and the days take their place in line
that line's a wait, it's always been for me
until you realize that fear's just a waste of your time

hide and hide from the changes you made
and then wonder why its taken away
one thing to learn
lifes ill
life might kill

are you looking to the sky,
or just to me?
Track Name: Test My Will
Grey skies again today
no horizon to comfort me
empty thoughts feel so hollow
nothing to expect from tomorrow
got nothing but hate to share
cant escape this blank stare
i need a change of faith
a test of will
but it's too late

it's too late, too late for me
it's too late, time broke with my hope

another day my blood runs cold
stuck at the fork in the road
why bother trudging away to emptiness?

why should i love a world that wont love me back?
why should i love a world that wont acknowledge me?
Track Name: Frozen
Let's look in your past examine the lines
someone who thrived off pain and the end of life
still you bring nothing to the table
you bring what to this life?
fuck up whatever you touch

we gave you every chance
we gave you every day
you want what you cant have

it's been said to me
you'll never see what you get from life
you'll never have it
you never will
Track Name: Spitting Words
turned inside out
i cant believe this has happened to me
working for an ending thats just as far away
as my eyes can see
im reaching out
you tried so hard to change
i tried so hard to speak

You're always wanting a change
but do you ever ask why?

im spitting words at a mind that wont listen
Track Name: Losing Sight
somehow you forgot to mention
these changes that you had in mind
involving you, and so involving me
to change this now
first head to hit a wall
a means to an end
to understand what's wrong with a world
that i built for myself
and id kill with my own hands
im losing sight, im losing my mind
and i cant save myself

now im choosing to mention
that im stepping out of line
i involved you when this shouldve just been me
i know this wasnt expected

we're all here with questions left unanswered
cut through my head
Track Name: Face It
reality snuck up on you
pushed you in a corner
now thers nothing to do
you way you'll face it
its just another time
hiding from yourself
keep your problems in line
procrastinate until it gets out of hand
i see your wits holding by a thin hope's strand
its just another day, a chance gone by
your wasted, time to face it
looks like your out of time

and when they ask "whatever happened to him?"
ill shake my head & say "he thew it all in"

realize you didnt give enough
this shits not so hard
you're only making it tough
and since you dont talk- i cant read minds
so long maybe ill see you around some time
its fucking sad, you turned into one big joke
its all your actions that are making you choke
can i see a change? i guess ive seen it before,
but i wont hold my breath
because my lifes worth more

then i watched you throw it all away
Move closer to a life full of pain
so youre scared to face it?
fuck you
you brought this on yourself
Track Name: To An End
in a time when what you want live isnt always what you see
ive got to get out"
i need to step back form looking back
its this alright-regret being part of my life?
im looking, always looking at everyone else
but i dont look at me

too late to save
everything i lose is taken away
this time i wont let them have everything from me

SITTING BACK, i wonder
have i tried my best?
for the first time in year
i stop to question myself:

so you're looking back,
you were set, piece of mind
you're filling that space with the pain of loss
and lifes regrets
all im saying is that ive had mine
all im saying is it's alright: